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A Will is a vital legal document drafted to facilitate the smooth and efficient winding up of an estate. In the event of a debilitating accident or untimely death your Will formally expresses your wishes regarding first and foremost the maintenance and care of your minor children and other dependants, as well as the distribution of your assets and liabilities.

By having a professionally drafted Will through Myers Attorneys:

•    Your wishes will be respected
•    Estate duties to be incurred are minimised where appropriate and possible
•    Due consideration is given to various legal constraints and opportunities that may be encountered
•    Your will shall be valid and binding in terms of South African legislation and will be properly executed


Administration of Estates
We appreciate that the preparation of one’s estate is an unnerving task to attend to and undertake to provide our clients with fast, reliable and easy to understand estate administration solutions.

Creating a Trust is a popular estate planning strategy in which the founder donates assets to a Trust which is held and administered by a nominated trustee for the benefit of third-party beneficiaries. Trusts can be broadly classified into two main categories based on whether they form part of a Will (Testamentary Trust) or a legal agreement between the living (Inter Vivos Trusts).

When contemplating the establishment of a Trust, it is imperative that the correct type of Trust is identified in order to avoid incurring unnecessary or excessive costs. Myers Attorneys are highly competent in the establishment and administration of Trusts and are able to provide you with the best solution based on your intentions and objectives.

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