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Conveyancing is the legal term for the process whereby legal title to immovable property is transferred from a person, company, close corporation or trust to another. It also covers all transactions relating to immovable property. Myers Attorneys deal with all property transfers and other transactions relating to immovable property, ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected.


Special knowledge and skills are required to accomplish a successful transfer and the entire conveyancing process hinges on the competency of the conveyancer. We combine knowledge of real estate with expertise in deeds registry process, sectional title process, property law, corporate law, family law, insolvency law and the law relating to the administration of deceased estates to provide clients with specialised professional services.


The transfer process is reliant on numerous factors including the bond grant, the municipality and various other legalities. The however is to finalize the transfer of a property in the shortest possible time.


Myers Attorneys conveyancing services include:

•    Transfers – erven, sectional, normal, half-share, deceased estate, divorce, liquidation
•    Private bonds
•    Sectional title
•    Registration of subdivisions
•    Registration of consolidations

Certain contracts and transactions may only be prepared and signed by a Notary. We provide notarial services such as the drafting and registration of antenuptial contracts, bonds over movable property, servitudes, leases and cessions, as well as the authentication of documents.
Myers take pride in going the extra mile to deliver prompt, accurate, professional conveyancing and Notarial services for clients, with a personal touch. Myers Notarial services include :
•    Antenuptial contracts
•    Authentication of documents
•    Notarial bonds
•    Registration of servitudes


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