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Companies Act
The team at Myers Attorneys have a thorough working knowledge of the legal implications of the New Companies Act and we are ready to effectively assist our clients in this regard. Myers have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in following the correct legal procedures for registrations, drafting and amending company documents as required, doing so in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Consumer Protection Act
Myers Attorneys is well-versed in the intricacies of the Consumer Protection Act and are able to assist your company in becoming compliant.

National Credit Act
We are able to assist clients in understanding the full implications of the NCA enabling your credit agreements to be complient with the Act’s requirements.

Protection of Personal Information Act [POPI]
In a world where information abuse and exploitation is rampant, the POPI Act will play an ever increasing role in legislating the control of information and hence the protection of consumers. POPI will ensure that all South African Companies, irrespective of the size, conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing of and sharing your personal information.

Myers Attorneys are able to provide clarity and assist you in developing solutions in line with POPI, which include staff training sessions, POPI audits, as well as compliance.

Commercial Contracts
When it comes to commercial contracts there are a variety that businesses and we are able to assist clients in obtaining the desired outcome with minimal fuss in the process. Myers Attorneys provide expert consulting advice and assistance in the development of agreements, policy documents that businesses encounter or use in the course of their business activities, including:

• Association Agreements
• Shareholders Agreements
• Joint-Venture Agreements
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Franchising Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Sale Of Business Agreements
• Share Sale Agreements

Commercial Law Litigation
Myers Attorneys have the ability to act for corporates in commercial-related disputes such as shareholder disputes, disputes over the interpretation of agreements and damages claims resulting from breach of terms of agreements. We understand that defending the client’s business and brand together with using their resources efficiently is critical and we strive to avoid the need for litigation wherever possible. When alternative dispute resolution is not possible, our approach is to try to resolve any disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, aimed at generating results that are commercially appropriate.

Company Consulting and Related Activities
All South African businesses are governed by the New Companies Act No 71 of 2008 which has been modernised and brought into line with international best practice. Myers Attorneys have a thorough working knowledge of the legal implications of the New Companies Act and will assist clients in the formation of commercial contracts as well the resolution of any disputes arising therefrom. Structuring of agreements, policy documents, mergers, acquisitions and other areas of commercial and corporate law. New legislation requires that all business in South Africa must comply with the provisions of the New Companies Act. Myers has the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in the following:

• Registration of a new company
• Registration and appointment of directors
• Name changes
• Drafting of Memorandum of Incorporation and company rules
• Company structures
• POPI compliance
• FICA Compliance
• Company Secretarial
• Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act
• Joint Ventures and partnerships


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