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Antenuptial Contracts

Myers Attorneys have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that your Antenuptial Contract conforms to legal requirements. We will ensure that your Antenuptial Contract is drafted in such a manner that both parties are confident in the contract and that the best possible outcome is achieved.



The decision to divorce your spouse is not always an easy one to make and requires thorough consideration of not only your own personal and financial needs, but also the needs of your family.


Mediation can assist couples to find solutions and settle financial disagreements, and where appropriate, Myers are able to recommend qualified professional counsellors/mediators to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Our qualified team provides clients with sound, objective legal advice and recommendations while at all times remaining sympathetic to the trauma that accompanies the breakdown of a marriage. Myers Attorneys strive to bring the divorce process to finality as soon as possible and believe that a speedy resolution is best in these family matters.


Custody & Maintenance

There are many variables involved in the maintenance and access processes. We can provide you with in-depth legal advice according to your specific circumstances.


Family matters that Myers assist with include:

  • Child support

  • Contact with children

  • Care of children

  • Custody of children

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